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:: Construction of elementary school and kindergarten at Marcusa
Rehabilitation of the "Dr. Fogolyán Kristóf" Emergency County Hospital
Hotel*** Covasna
Expansion,modernization and rehabilitation of buildings of Szekely Miko Highschool _ E1 building
Building of a Ford showroom
Hydrophatic establishment at Hatuica
Gym Hall, Ghidfalau
Sports-court, Zabala
Rehabilitation of the workshop at the “Puskas Tivadar” Vocational Highschool
ANL's Block of flats with 24 apartmants
Designing and building a laundry for the “Fogolyan Kristof “ hospital
Building of spare rooms and stores at the marketplace in the centre of Saint George
The expansion of the classrooms at the Baroti Szabo David school
“…. And it may be needed something else to be taken into consideration, namely, that the word edification has two main meanings: construction and moral ascension. Due to the agile intellectual interactions between philosophy and architecture we are able to generate the distant analogy between them. So, the edification has to possess ethical nature it has to bottom on the dialogue among the choices of value. On the one hand the thinking, on the other hand, the present state of architectural experience- this may be our temporary and restricted conclusion- the only possibility that construction has within the meaning of edification is that to create in an ethical manner. “ Kenneth Frampton

www.uauim.ro , www.architecture.com , www.architekt.de , www.architectes.org , www.architetto.info , www.epiteszforum.hu.
Building operations
“ Before beginning the building operations, every detail of the layout and the completion of the building that is to be built has to be scrutinized. In case of each building there are three things that need to be taken into consideration, without even one of them, none of the buildings can be worth the honorable mention; these qualities are: expedience or commodity, durability and beauty. A creation which is utile but only for a short period of time , or which is not comfortable after a longer period of time, or which even though it possess both characteristics, it does not dispose of grace, it cannot be named perfect..” Andrea Palladio

www.constructii.ro , www.construction.com , www.der-bau.com , www.chantier.net, www.e-epites.hu, www.mit.edu.
Building technique system
The task of the building technique system is to insure the user of the building about the conveniences, drinking-water, the diversion of the refuse water, the appropriate temperature, air of appropriate quality and parameter.
The building technique system is generally engaged in dealing with inner plumbing and the equipment and device connected with it.
The building technique system has the following components:
- heating technology
- water supply, drainage
- gas supply ( diversion of stack gas)
- HHVAC ( heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
- Climate technology.

www.instalatii.ro , www.installation.com , www.installation.de , www.installations-electriques.net , www.megsz.hu , www.installationeurope.com.
Building of water- conduits and drainage
We offer optimal solutions for canal-building in the field of canal-building activities with opened building methods. These performances comprehend beside pipe-laying all other auxiliary activities, too, such as excavating, hole-digging, insurance activities, as well as filling in and closing of the surface.

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